Christmas Promenading by the Baywalk

Happy New Year
For more pictures from Christmas 2003, click here



Oh I'm so delinquent in updating my blog... Is being 25 weeks pregnant excuse enough? *bats eyelashes*

So sorry to all those who kept on checking for news only to find old posts. I guess my brother felt sorry for me that he acted as a ghost blogger for that Nov. 25 pic/entry. Thanks bro! Thanks too to all you dearies who left warm greetings on my tagboard... (Aw, Din & AnP, I failed to meet you guys... Darn. Vacation's too short.)

If you haven't scratched me from your list yet and still might have an iota of interest about what's been happening, please visit our fotopages at http://gratitude.fotopages.com/. Shhh... it's so much faster to host pics there. So its easy for me to update....