Matt, who is 10, is now at a crossroad. He is torn between being a kid and a teen. When his voice broke for the first time last summer, it signalled some changes that promptly followed. We began to notice the appearance of fine facial and body hair. His growth spurt is now more vertical than sideways. His voice is several octaves lower than his former high-pitched tone... Given these physical manifestations and changing social preferences, Jerry and I feel the sudden need to engage him in occasional serious conversations. You know... things he might be curious but afraid or conscious to ask about...

One night during dinner at home, the candid talk veered toward crushes. "Ah, I know na who is A-hia's crush", Kyle, 7, teased. "No no no...If it's a secret between the two of you, you are not allowed to tell.", I cautioned remembering how Matt got upset the first time Kyle blurted his crush's name in front of their Lola and Tita May.

"But, I'm not saying it man", Kyle countered. "I'm just going to say the first letter right A-hia?", Kyle continued as if seeking Matt's approval.

"First letter only... hmmm....", Kyle repeated... After a short pause, "so Ma, how do you spell Katrina ba?"...

"AARGGH! KYLE!!!", Matt roared as Jerry and I let out big guffaws!


Saturday again! Will visit the OB this morning to make sure the baby and I are fit to take that Manila trip on Monday. Then, we plan to drop by the kids' Great Grandma's house for a visit and to take Mama out to Makro for some Christmas decor shopping...



Two more reasons to feel blessed! Matt & Kyle proudly handed Jerry & me their Math awards...

Sarap feeling!


All About Geese

In one of Kyle's Science lessons before, we learned about baby animals' names. It was actually my first time to hear about goosling, a name given to a baby goose, as duckling is to a baby duck.

Yesterday, Jerry and I had an early lunch so we could pass by the mall to look at the maternity section. My regular wardrobe is beginning to cramp my belly and I wanted to buy a few pieces for a more relaxed fit.

We saw the section amusingly called Mother Goose. Darn... most of the pieces were too pastel and too frilly for my taste, I seriously entertained thoughts of designing my own line of maternity clothes. After going through the racks, I found 3 tops and 1 stretch pants that were acceptable to me. Bought them and went home.

This morning, the boys learned about our short trip to the mommy section of the mall and were teasing me. "Ma, you're our mother goose now", they kept joking. "And you're my gooslings!", I shot back at them, "right Papa Goose?", I added looking at Jerry.

Then all of a sudden, Matthew had a brilliant idea, "Hey, I know na what to call Lola... .....Granny Goose!"



While we were having breakfast yesterday with my mom, I happened to notice that Kyle was missing another upper front tooth. "Hey Kyle, you lost another tooth! When did that happen?", I asked.

"Last Friday...", Kyle answered hesitantly as everyone began to notice.

"(Grinning) Maybe Kyle got scared you'd bring him to the dentist yesterday (Saturday) as we originally planned", Jerry kidded.

I guess that was partly true. For my part, I was kinda guilty I didn't notice the missing tooth for more than 24 hours!


In my mom-in-law's house, cousin Juju noticed Kyle's missing tooth too. "Did the tooth fairy give you money?", he asked.

"No...", Kyle replied. "I couldn't find the tooth after it fell..."



Shopping or Party?

Kyle was presented with the idea of going on a toy shopping spree instead of having a themed children's party. We just wanted to see which one he was more inclined to choose. I guess the thought of being able to (finally) buy his Blade Liger, Dragon Slayer and Gundam was enough to trigger his excitement. And he readily agreed!

His Si-ko and Sa-ko bought the Dragon Slayer and Gundam while Tito Junnie and Lola's cash gifts enabled him to buy the Blade Liger (Zoid) and new puppy stuffed toy he was eyeing. Kyle was so happy his toy wishes came true.

Happy Birthday Kyle! We love you!


Driving is Now Off My List (Temporarily)

Jerry took the 3am Cebu Pacific flight to Manila last Thursday to attend a convention in Tagaytay up to Friday. This meant (for me) 2 days of driving the kids to and from school. What used to be a relatively easy task proved to be too strenuous for my "nauseous-easily-tired-pregnant-body".

I managed to drive the kids safely alright. I even got to pass by church on those two days. However, I looked more like an inebriated momma who swaggered toward the pews. I was literally walking on spaghetti legs and was holding on to anything that could support my weight everytime I got off the car.

I swear I wouldn't dare drive anymore before my term, if I could help it!


Been thinking of what to name our coming baby... If baby turns out to be a girl, we like to name her Amanda Marie. If baby turns out to be our third boy, we plan (for now, at least) to name him Jake (from Jacob)...I kinda like the ring of it. Sounds tough for a boy, just like Matt & Kyle...

Hmm... we still haven't made up our minds yet, so feel free to suggest.
Loooong day ahead but I've got the best weapon to make me go through today with ease... I passed by church this morning for doses of our daily prayers - the rosary and the novena to St. Expeditus.

Hurry home Pa, Matt has a basketball game this afternoon and Kyle's birthday is coming up this Saturday.

There's a lot more things to do...


Whew... just had a meeting this morning and the list of things to do is driving me... er... nuts. Ma & May are in town, Jerry will be out of town, the kids have a few projects that will be due next week PLUS I have things to finish at work. Not that I'm complaining... I love to be able to do all these, if only...

Anyway, this is one of those days I'll just have to triple time.


Manila-Cebu PAL flight got delayed about 2 hours... Hotdog waffle hunting in Mactan while awaiting arrival... Laguna Garden Cafe lunch with family, Ma & May - sinigang na mamsa (some kind of fish), pork adobo, beef steak, adobong kangkong... Afternoon chat & bonding with Ma & May at the condo... Snacks at Flame It... 6PM mass at Redemptorist... Kids' haircut... Dinner at home - Sr. Pedro lechon manok, Cheaverz ngo-hiong, eggplant salad, atchara....

Short bits for today... :)


Just had my second prenatal appointment this morning. Kyle was with me and Jerry, hoping to hear the baby's heartbeat for the first time. However, my Obstetrician failed to detect it using the doppler. I was immediately recommended for trans-v ultrasound to make sure the baby was growing fine.

After fetching Matt from his Math training, we all headed for the hospital. It was lunch time but we were lucky enough not to have waited long. I was then led to the ultrasound room for the test.

Jerry and the kids were permitted to view what looked like a more complicated computer screen. They marvelled at the baby's movements and the sound of the baby's throbbing heart. Looking at them happy & excited was just awesome.

Oh yeah... I'm 13 weeks on the way...


Family lunch was in Abuhan for their delectable pochero (a.k.a. bulalo for those in Luzon). Oooh, just imagine the beef marrow, the soft meat and the rich soup... This was one of those days that Matt & Kyle finished off 2.5 and 1.5 cups of rice, respectively, in less than 10 minutes (or was it 5?). Talk about being famished!


Looking forward to Ma & May's arrival tomorrow! *excited*


Flashback 10 Years

Ten years ago, on the 23rd of July, I delivered Matthew through Lamaze natural birth (unmedicated)... It was a beautiful (but not without pain) experience which Jerry & I shared from the time I had my early contractions at 7am to the time Matt let out a hearty scream 8 hours after. Jerry was my coach-partner in the labor room and the delivery room. He did a great job of helping me focus on my breathing, a special technique to manage the pain.

As soon as I felt the expulsive sensations in my birth canal, I counted around 5 pushes. Every push found me doing the semi sit-up as I held my breath for 10 seconds. Everyone in the room was egging me in hushed tones. I heard the nurses say: "Ang galing nya mag-Lamaze!" (She's doing great with Lamaze!)

The big & final one that heralded Matt's exit from the warm confines of my womb was the most liberating thing I ever did. I saw my tummy just deflate before my eyes! It was just awesome, the whole delivery process. Soon everyone was busy with me and Matt. I was fully alert but unmindful of the things going on around me.

All I cared about was Matthew as he instiinctively suckled and Jerry and I lovingly looked at this small wonder.

(I delivered Kyle in 1996 and still employed the Lamaze technique. However, Jerry was not in the labor room and delivery room with me at that time. The hospital became stricter since some laboring moms were complaining about the presence of the other husbands. That made it slightly more difficult for me to do the semi sit-ups all by myself. This time, though I labored for 12 hours, I think I made it in less than 5 pushes. *smiles proudly*

With 6 months to go, I feel I'm no longer as brave as I was 10 years earlier. However, recalling such wonderful experiences encourage me to keep my mind off any fear. Barring any other condition and if God wills it, I think I'll still do the unmedicated delivery the third time around.)