I didn't know others were appreciative too of what I did to our Euro vacation pictures. Click here to check out.

Gee, thanks!
Theme Thursday Entry: Time

Cuckoo over Cuckoo Clocks
One of the best times in my life, in our lives, was the European vacation we had in June of this year. This shot was taken in Bern, Switzerland.
I woke up to a new scent coming from the kitchen. Hmmm... This is quite unusual, I heard sounds too of the kids having their early breakfast today even if they didn't have to go to school... I think I know what brought this on...

True enough, they were feasting on their new food fave, the chicken tinola! Tinola isn't new, so what was the new scent, one might ask. Purefoods sizzling sisig (in can), another surprise for them. Two reasons the kids were enjoying a hearty meal this morning.


My hubs would definitely tease me if I post the shot that Matt took of me the night I slept with my boys to nurse Kyle (Aww..wouldn't you Jer?). I just had to do it before I finally delete the image from my phonecam.

The morning after.  Matt's invasion of my privacy

This is Matt's shot of me sleeping and looking exhausted after spending most of the previous night awake (an exaggeration of course) to take care of Kyle...

My boy has talent no?

Tomorrow's a free day for Kyle and half-day for Matthew, because their school is celebrating the Feast of St. Ignatius.

They're now reunited with the couch and some munchies for a tv marathon. They saw Gundam on Cartoon Channel and are now surfing to AXN for Ripley's Believe It or Not and Superman on Cinemax.

*Sigh* I love school holidays...

If you're homepage address is set to Yahoo.com, you must have seen Yahoo Shopping's Top 5 Digital Cameras today. Three of five are Canon Powershot models... Says that much about Canon huh. Junnie, what model do you use again? ELPH, A70 or S50?
Hmm-mmm!... Though I don't know what kind it was, I actually enjoyed the soup with quail eggs for lunch today. Quail eggs... My appetite is back.


Back on My Feet

Last Saturday night's news about the mutiny in Makati didn't have much impact on my sick and tired body. Call me apathetic but I was more concerned about how to make myself well again.

Morning of Saturday, after being absent from work whole day of Friday because of a bad cold and fever, I happily told Jerry on the phone that I was glad to have finished some work on the computer in 2 hours and that I have already taken a refreshing shower. Little did I know that in 2 hours my fever would come raging back, it completely rendered me like a shivering animal left out in the cold! I was having a RELAPSE!

The heat inside my body was excrutiatingly sapping me of my energy. No matter how religious I took the paracetamol, my temp wouldn't go down a bit. As I lay in bed feeling chilly and all, I was beginning to panic. It never happened to me before that a seemingly harmless cold would make me feel this sick. My tongue felt like it's coated and everything I ate tasted like cardboard! This viral strain is really vicious. Jerry spent his waking time checking my icebag, wetting my face and neck lest my brain becomes toast.

It was only early morning of Sunday that my fever finally let up. I was drenched in sweat and having a mild headache. I promptly changed and noticed that I was only having a slight fever. Thank God! I confined myself in bed most of the day and didn't dare touch any of my office work brought home. I didn't want to go through another relapse. No way, if I could help it!

Yesterday I was back at work feeling a bit dazed and not in my element. Today, I'm glad to be feeling much better.


Virus Alert!

No Theme Thursday for me today, I'm in no mood to make an entry. This week's theme wasn't all too inspiring.

It was Matt's 10th birthday yesterday and we were all home early for two reasons: to celebrate with a good dinner and to monitor Kyle's condition.

Kyle's fever reached 40.4 last night and I was darn worried if this temp continues, he will have to have his CBC test today to check whether or not it's dengue.

While in the living room feeling Kyle's searing heat and trying to lower his fever by a light sponge bath, I prayed desperately for God to spare him from any infection by just transferring the virus to me. When I woke up today, Kyle was feeling better and I was having a runny nose!


Black Eye and Fever

Kyle's black eye from last Saturday is gradually getting less swollen now. However, Kyle had a slight fever today that caused him to feel lethargic after his morning class. On account of which, we decided to bring him home after lunch to rest.

He still has fever but he's right here beside me playing a short session of Warcraft on the computer. In 10 minutes it's bedtime for him. I will tuck him in bed and give him a quick sponge bath.
Unconscious Mutterings
Entry for Week 24

  1. Wizard of Oz:: I don't recall having a story book on this one.
  2. Ford:: Ford Explorer. It used to be part of our wish list but after major lifestyle changes, we realized we didn't want it anymore. Long story.
  3. Wrinkles:: I'd rather call my wrinkles laugh lines than crow's feet.
  4. Extravagant:: Vain!
  5. Conventional:: Traditional, old-fashioned
  6. Stewart:: Rod?
  7. Offensive:: Foul language, foul smell, foul play
  8. Heartbeat:: Life
  9. Chaos:: Absence of order, result of powerplay
  10. Jiffy:: Fast, energetic
Senseless Paranoia

For some reason, I left my cellphone home. It was only after our daily visit to the church that I realized what was amiss. A day without my cellphone is like a fish out of the water, I get distracted and cease to function effectively. When Jerry volunteered to drive back to get it, I refused and scolded myself silently for almost taking him on his offer. I thought it was just out of the way and a waste of gas.

When we got to my office, Jerry took it upon himself and immediately called the house to check if the phone was indeed left in the room. Our helper said it was. "Why don't we ask Mommy's driver who is not too far from the house to go get it and bring it to your office?", Jerry offered and began to give the instruction to our trusted helper. I could only nod in agreement. Good idea, I thought. Then, "Hey, wait a minute... That's a P20k worth of cellphone that we are asking the driver to get. Hindi kaya mawala yun?", I asked.

"Nor, it's ok. We entrust the use of a P300k car with the driver right? What's a P20k cellphone compared to a P300k car the driver brings everyday?", Jerry assured me.

My paranoia sometimes gets the better of me. What was I thinking anyway? Jerry got me there again. Haay, that's why I love him.


Swell Weekend

the insect bit the Intsik :)The weekend was swell for Kyle. NOT! It was more swollen than anything else. He woke up Saturday morning worried why his right eye felt itchy and smaller than the left. Some kind of insect bit him during the night we surmised. It couldn't be a cockroach (yuck!) since the condo's property managers made it a point to fumigate regularly. It could be a mosquito or an ant that got to him.

We administered some form of first-aid by doing a hot compress on the area. This turned out to have aggravated the swelling since according to the ER pediatric resident doctor of Cebu Doctors' Hospital, cold compress should have been done on the first 24 hours. Also, prior to the ER visit, Kyle went swimming with his Ahia Matt and some friends at the pool wearing his goggles.

Sunday morning, Kyle still looked like Onyok fresh from a boxing bout. He looked really uneasy that I told him to wear his cap during the mass. Yeah, I know he wasn't supposed to but I didn't want the people to stare and add to his misery.

The oral and topical medicines prescribed by Dr. Diaz (plugging) were effective and before the kids went to sleep, Kyle's eye has greatly improved. I hope it gets a lot better by tomorrow.

Father and Sons Bonding

The discomfort that Kyle was feeling because of his swollen right eye did not stop my boys from spending quality time together. Jerry took us to the mall today not to shop but just to look around. They evidently had fun dropping by Nike to try on the expensive rubbershoes and Gift Gate to try on the Swatch watches and to relive fond memories. Kyle kept himself busy looking over the animal stuffed toys, probably contemplating which animal to add to his zoo collection. Such a cute sight of him. However the image that stood out today was that of Matt on the Lego table. Matt sat on the very same Lego table he used to occupy when he was only about 2 years old. Seeing him there after 8 years gave me a warm feeling inside.

Matt is celebrating his 10th birthday this Wednesday. Its amazing how fast he has grown (and how old we've become?).


On Renovating and Plasma TVs

The carpenter came by the condo this morning to measure the spaces which Jerry and I agreed to renovate. I was not too ready with the designs yet but we have a few ideas in mind.

We plan to make an entertainment cabinet out of the idle space directly fronting our bed. Since it's not really that big, I guess we have to forego buying the plasma tv then (joke!). I also plan to have a computer cabinet made on the left wall of the bedroom to keep all computer, printer and other related gizmos in one place.

So skimming through Ikea magazines and putting my ideas on paper filled up half of my morning.

@-->-- @-->-- @-->--

Still on renovating and buying stuff, I asked Jerry, "Don't you plan on putting together some kind of a home theater? Aren't you planning to buy a plasma tv someday?". He gave me a puzzled look. I continued to say, "If you are, then we have to make the provision now. I don't think that space will be enough."

He replied, "Nor, if ever I'd buy a plasma tv, the space for that would be the least of our problems. Anyone who could afford a P200,000+ tv could very well afford to buy a bigger house..." (*toink*)


Subconscious Mutterings
Entry for Week 23

I say … and you think … ?

  1. Natalie:: Imbruglia in Johnny English
  2. Concrete:: roads, pavements
  3. AIDS:: deadly disease
  4. Rubber hose:: coiled
  5. Paper clip:: plastic-coated, colored, big and small
  6. Route 66:: bar
  7. Summer camp:: kids
  8. Coin purse:: leather, heavy
  9. Orion:: brand of ruler?
  10. Instigate:: synonym of coax?
Photo Friday Entry: IDENTITY

No further explanation is necessary. These are only a few of the things that bear the imprint of my name and face.

(taken using N7650)


Theme Thursday Entry: PAPER

Monetary value of these bills is alarmingly decreasing.

(The first paper thing that came to my mind for Theme Thursday then took it with N7650.)
Heed Your Intuition

Played driver to Matt and Kyle yesterday afternoon since Jerry was in a meeting and couldn't get them from school. As I was getting ready, Matt texted me to ask what time I was fetching them. I texted back that I was on my way.

Woe to me, heavy traffic and mild downpour dragged a normal 5-minute trip to over 15 minutes. And I was getting anxious that the boys could already be hungry. Matt texted me again to ask where I was. I replied that I was 5-min away and told him I'd text him in time for him to get out.

After thwarting the multicab from encroaching my lane and after snaking my way to school a good 20 minutes later, I was lucky to find enough space to squeeze the car between two others past the pedestrian lane. So I called Matt to say I was already parked while the helper went to fetch Kyle from the other gate.

Was glad that it didn't take long for them to get to the car. However, the problem now was how to maneuver my way out of the grid to get back on the road. On account of which, I was stuck for about 10 more minutes before I was able to drive out.

Yeah, I should have listened to that nagging little voice telling me to drop whatever I was doing and leave early!


Sony Ericsson T610

Lately, I have been seeing a lot of ads for Sony Ericsson T610 in the local dailies. But since I still enjoy using my 3-month old Nokia 7650, the camera feature more than the phone itself, I purposely didn't bother looking.

One Sunday, after reading the papers, I overheard Jerry say "If I'm gonna buy a new cellphone, THIS is it!" or something to that effect. This got me curious. I asked myself, "Huwaat? Jerry, who's not even half the gizmo freak that I am, who is already okay with the sleek Nokia 8210 and nifty Palm IIIxe, now suddenly gets interested in a new cellphone? This...I gotta see!"

Well, feature for feature, I found myself impressed (an understatement) at the T610. This would have been perfect though if it came with expandable external storage like the N3650 I told myself. Nah, I'll stick to my trusted cellphone, I convinced myself and still read on. It's small, lightweight, triband, bluetooth/infrared connectivity, small, light-weight, triband, built-in camera, high-resolution screen blah blah blah... Small, lightweight, triband? It actually fits my barest requirements.

I paused for a few seconds. This is NOT good. What....Now I want* it for myself too?

*my current state of mind and subject to change without prior notice
To Junnie

Was tagged about not having a new post by one of my regular blogreaders (as if I had a lot!) JUNNIE, so in a huff, I made one. Here... while I finish up on something official... Promise I'll be back ASAP.

1. Bugs Bunny or Daffy Duck? BOTH (Bugs Bunny for being sly and Daffy Duck for his lisp)
2. Tom or Jerry? JERRY (or my other half will start wondering who Tom is)
3. Mickey Mouse or Donald Duck? BOTH
4. Rocky & Bullwinkle or Boris & Natasha? Rocky and Bullwinkle (Boris and WHO????Hehehe)
5. Road Runner or Wile E. Coyote? Road Runner
6. Sylvester or Tweety? Tweety and the Puddy Tat of course
7. Popeye or Bluto? I go for the hero - Popeye
8. South Park or The Simpsons? Simpsons
9. Jetsons or Flintstones? Flintstones
10. And finally, the eternal question asked by all good Scooby-Doo fans: Velma or Daphne? Neither, I prefer Scooby and Scrappy Doo!

That's my week's entry for This and That.... and not for lack of anything to post.


Silent Prayer

Munster Cathedral, Bern, Switzerland Sta. Maria del Fiore Cathedral, Florence, Italy Duomo, Pisa, Italy Basilica di San Pietro, Rome, Italy Basilica di San Giovanni Laterano, Rome, Italy Basilica di San Marco, Venice, Italy Chiesa di Sta. Maria della Salute, Venice, Italy Rosary Basilica, Lourdes, France Notre Dame Cathedral, Paris, France Basilique du Sacre Coeur, Paris, France Hofkirche, Cathedral of Lucerne, Switzerland

Munster Cathedral (Bern), Sta. Maria del Fiore Cathedral (Florence), Duomo Pisa (Pisa), Basilica di San Pietro (Rome), Basilica di San Giovanni Laterano (Rome), Basilica di San Marco (Venice), Chiesa di Sta. Maria della Salute (Venice), Hofkirche (Cathedral of Lucerne), Rosary Basilica (Lourdes), Notre Dame Cathedral (Paris), Basilique du Sacre Coeur (Paris)...

A total of 11 Catholic churches in 18 days were among the places we visited last month. The age-old beauty of these structures were just awesome. Most of these took 50 to hundreds of years to complete. A great deal of time, effort and money were put to good use. Jerry and I hope that these great churches do not just stand magnificently as landmarks. We hope and pray that these continue to serve as real places of worship for the dwindling number of Catholics...


Just Married

"You never see the hard days in a photo album, but those are the ones that get you from one happy snapshot to the next."

Watched 'Just Married' tonight and loved the film. Jerry and I enjoyed it a lot. This was another one of those feel-good movies that was light, hilarious and romantic, nothing complicated, no heavy dramatic spiels. It's not one for critical acclaim. But we found it a novelty that the characters' honeymoon venue was shot at the very places we just visited...



I'm worried why I'm not seeing my template code in Blogger...What's happening?
Everything's OK

Jerry got home kinda late last night (this morning is more apt) after stopping by the local 24-hr diner to buy tapsilog. He must have been really hungry. Normally, I would have wrestled a few spoonfuls from him but the anxious waiting sapped me of my appetite. I was just glad he was home.
Ew! It's pouring really hard now... I just texted him to come home. He texted back that he couldn't get to the car because of the rain. Umbrella and jacket have no use in these torrents, he said he'll have to wait for the rains to slow down... Darn.
It's raining hard outside as I sit here in the dining room with my laptop. Jerry hasn't come home yet from his Jaycee ASPAC meeting. I hope he does any minute now... At the rate the rain is pouring, some parts of Guadalupe would soon be flooded.


Photo Friday Entry: Symmetry

the right equals the left

Sacre Coeur
Paris, France
June 2003
Vanity or Necessity?

Matt's birthday is coming up and Jerry decided it was time to give him his first cellphone. I would have refused if this were 10 years ago. But these days, fetching the kids from school and causing traffic while waiting for them to exit the gates has made the cellphone a necessity. I'm not making any justifications here but hey, ever saw yourself triple parked in the middle of a busy road, honking in concerto with a hundred other cars and trying not to pay attention to the traffic aide who's motioning you to move the car to who-knows-where?

Oh did I say that Matt is only turning 10?
The life and death of Iranian twins Ladan and Laleh caught the world's attention and hogged the pages of newspapers these past few days. A realization came to my mind why this had to happen. HOPE is such a powerful feeling that gives a person (in this case 2 persons) the will and strength to take chances.


Love Our New Schedule!

fine (office) dining

We do not go home for lunch these days, unlike last year when we had to bring Kyle home after his AM class. Grade 4 students are not allowed to go out but are required to eat in school. So we just have our food delivered by the helper to Jerry's office where she hitches a ride with Jerry to Matt's school. There she drops Matt's lunch food and stays until Matt returns the empty/near-empty containers.

Kyle on the other hand, with a tendency to eat slow, does not have the luxury of time to travel to and from home. Instead, Jerry brings him to my office together with our lunch food. It's a daily lunch treat for the three of us. More like a picnic complete with plastic and stainless steel eating paraphernalia.

For the past few weeks, this arrangement has presented us a lot of benefits. We eliminated the stress of beating the time fetching him and bringing him back to school in an hour. Now I get to supervise Kyle's eating. I also get generous helpings of hugs in between. Not to mention the savings on gas... I'm happy with the new routine, it's something we could really get used to.

So... where do you go for lunch?


Sleep Trick

Our kids are in school the whole day now. Kyle just "kissed" his afternoon naps goodbye. We were worried the first few days. We thought that he might not be able to last until dismissal without feeling drowsy. He was happy to say that he doesn't fall asleep in class. Only one of his classmates does, who, according to him, literally falls asleep even while copying something from the board!

Hmmm reminded me of myself back during my CPA review days. I remember memorizing the SFAS pamphlet while in the car on the way to review class at Recto. Because we had to stay up late during the night doing the review problems and wake up early for the 7am review class, I guess the loss of sleep just took its toll on me.

I would know I fell asleep the moment the book or pamphlet I was holding has already dropped to my lap and my companions, Anna and Ida would start giggling: "Tingnan mo nakatulog na naman si Linnoria!". And I would even be amazed at how it happened when I didn't even blink! Was it possible that my mind just dozed off while my eyes were still open?

Has.......anybody ever done that?


I should be busy by now. Reports have been forwarded to me already for consolidation yet I'm unusually feeling not too harassed. Deadlines are being met without having to delay the not too important stuff. Things are running rather smoothly now in my department. And coordination with other departments so far is seamless. The vacation must have really put back the sanity in my otherwise crazy schedule. Either that or I could be reaping the fruits of effective delegation.

Since last year, about the same time, an emergency in the family forced me to turnover my work to my staff. Though it was done in a hurry, I was surprised to find out it was possible. I'm dispensable after all HAH! Of course the decision making was still left to me. I was on call whenever the need for my (financial) judgment was necessary.

Now, I'm quite amazed I could squeeze some time to post a short entry. Balance in my schedule is slowly creeping back. Hmmm, I think I will have to be more generous when employee appraisal comes.


Bon jour!

The Euro tour album is up for viewing! Click here!