Our family 5 months ago...

Our family 5 months ago...
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Christmas Promenading by the Baywalk

Happy New Year
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Oh I'm so delinquent in updating my blog... Is being 25 weeks pregnant excuse enough? *bats eyelashes*

So sorry to all those who kept on checking for news only to find old posts. I guess my brother felt sorry for me that he acted as a ghost blogger for that Nov. 25 pic/entry. Thanks bro! Thanks too to all you dearies who left warm greetings on my tagboard... (Aw, Din & AnP, I failed to meet you guys... Darn. Vacation's too short.)

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Birthday Dinner at Manila

48 Hours in Manila

A memento from my previous trip to Manila. My birthday week celebrated with the family.


Matt, who is 10, is now at a crossroad. He is torn between being a kid and a teen. When his voice broke for the first time last summer, it signalled some changes that promptly followed. We began to notice the appearance of fine facial and body hair. His growth spurt is now more vertical than sideways. His voice is several octaves lower than his former high-pitched tone... Given these physical manifestations and changing social preferences, Jerry and I feel the sudden need to engage him in occasional serious conversations. You know... things he might be curious but afraid or conscious to ask about...

One night during dinner at home, the candid talk veered toward crushes. "Ah, I know na who is A-hia's crush", Kyle, 7, teased. "No no no...If it's a secret between the two of you, you are not allowed to tell.", I cautioned remembering how Matt got upset the first time Kyle blurted his crush's name in front of their Lola and Tita May.

"But, I'm not saying it man", Kyle countered. "I'm just going to say the first letter right A-hia?", Kyle continued as if seeking Matt's approval.

"First letter only... hmmm....", Kyle repeated... After a short pause, "so Ma, how do you spell Katrina ba?"...

"AARGGH! KYLE!!!", Matt roared as Jerry and I let out big guffaws!